Specialty Baits Our Specialty! 

No one carries a greater variety of baits and berleys than Top Catch. Why you ask? Meat and potatoes 7 days a week won't cut for us and fish are no different. Their available food source changes through the season and you have to be ready to adapt - remember Fish are Cunning Be Prepared!

Number 1 question we get asked is what's biting? While it's true that around 70% of baits we sell are Pilchards or Squid always consider taking something a little extra special to avoid the walk of shame at the end of the day.  Some great specialty baits to try are our ledger-rig squids, mullet fillets, and salted baits. The following guide will assist in making your decision but it pays to ask for advice when in store for the latest reports!

The other consideration is how much bait, berley & salt ice do I need to take? We recommend around 2-3kgs of bait per person per full days fishing. Berley usage depends on the water temperature, current dispensing method (sack, Wobbly Pot etc.). I usually take 2-3 medium sized berleys (5kg each) and 5kgs of salt ice for a full days outing. 

Regular Baits


Target Fish

Pilchards also called Sardines in other parts of the World

Small to large sizes, various grades, subject to season & availability. Pilchards are usually sold in a free flow form or as a frozen block. 


Snapper, King Fish and just about anything that swims.



Free Flow Squid

These small squid are individually snap frozen. No wastage and convenient. 

Snapper, King Fish, Blue Cod, Trevally, Gurnard, Tarakihi & Trumpeter.  



Sold as a whole fish, these come in a variety of sizes.


Snapper, Hapuka, Broadbill drifting

Whole - Small, Medium, Large

Mullet (Fresh & Frozen)

Excellent snapper bait especially during the latter summer months.


Snapper, Frost Fish, Trevally, Blue Cod

Whole - Twin, XL SIngles.

Fillets - 800g


 Firmer and similar size to pilchards. 

 Snapper, King Fish, Blue Cod, Trevally, Gurnard

Bullet Tuna Firmer alternative to bonito. High oil content Snapper, Trevally, Gurnard, Kahawai 2KG

Specialty baits


Target Fish


A great bait for chumming/chunking to attack fish into the berley trail and for snapper during winter months when they are taking smaller baits.


Snapper, Kahawai, chunking for Tuna, King fish



One of the best baits for big snapper, generally available year round.


Snapper,  King Fish, Frost Fish


Baby Blue Mackerel

About the size of a medium to large pilchard and an excellent alternative to pilchards due to higher oil content


Snapper, King Fish, Blue Cod, Trevally, Gurnard


Mullet Fillets

These are sold scaled & boned for no mess fishing on the boat and are very effective.


Snapper, Golden Snapper, Trevally, Blue Cod



Great alternative bait to squid or the tried and trusted options.


Snapper, Groper, Blue Cod, Trumpeter

1KG Limited stock

Ledger-Rig Squid

Smaller grade of squid than free flow. They are excellent for using with Flasher  & dropper rigs.


Snapper, Golden Snapper, Trevally, Blue Cod


Salted Baits

Surfcasters, long line, great if you have limited freezer space on the boat  or holiday home. It is always a good idea to keep some salted bait should you run out of fresh bait or when nothing else is working. A tougher version of your favorite baits. 

All fish types

Bonito fillet 800, 1KG

Mackerel 750g


Redbolt Squid Extra large tough .... squid. Great whole bait for deep-water drops. Big squids for Hapuka/Bass or Broadbill fishing





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